Monday, December 5, 2011

Cookies For Twi-Hards

Twi-hards will love these cookies by Amber Spiegel.  Amber sells these through her store on Sweet Ambs.  Twilight theme weddings are all the rage so Amber wisely chose to cash in on it by creating her own Twilight design cookies

Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob these cookies have something for everyone. 

Choose the iconic chess pieces or the apples, both are equally represented in her collection.  Serve these at your Twilight theme wedding, its so good that the movies have all been spread out, giving fans a chance to become addicted to the brand and to gain the type of following that legends are made of. So have a Twilight wedding.  Just lend Grandma the book first or you'll spend all night explaining why you're serving hearts dripping with blood at your wedding!