Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Madeleine Topiary Sculpture

Love this photo of madeleines sculpted into the shape of a pineapple (or is it an artichoke? Choose your own interpretation of which it is!) This is actually meant to be a pineapple (noted symbol of friendship).  The structure of the pineapple was made by covering a foam shape in rolled fondant. 

I know when I first started baking I thought these tiny tender cakes baked in the special shell shaped pan were cookies, but they are actually buttery spongy cakes. The first time I tried them I had some wonderful almond flavored madeleines, but later found they also come flavored in lemon or orange.

The tiny cakes are later attached to the fondant covered form with thin wooden skewers.  (I buy mine in the grocery store, if you can't find them just ask, they tend to be in 'odd places' in the grocery store. Last time I bought mine they were with the shoelaces and shoe polish--go figure!) 

This gorgeous fondant and madeleine topiary makes a great accent on your sweet table.  I like my madeleines 'natural' colors but I've seen this project done in greens or pink, just add some food coloring to your batter. If you're coloring your batter I'd color my fondant the same color.  Enjoy creating these beautiful cakes and wow your guests with this great presentation.  Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.