Monday, October 24, 2011

'They Look Just Like You' Cookies

A great idea for personalizing cookies for your wedding!  Parker's Crazy Cookies makes you wedding cookies that look just like you and your groom.  So cool!  Great for a wedding favor or for a fun addition to your sweet table.  I admit, I've never seen these before, hope you enjoy. 

These are pretty basic cookies. They’re just plain old sugar cookies. No glitz, no glitter, no frosting, no sprinkles.  In fact they look like giant animal crackers (or in your case, bride and groom crackers).  These cookies are true art--they capture your smallest unique features in cookie form. 

You need a photo of the bride and groom, an email account and you must order 150 You Cookies.  Once the owner gets your photos he'll start designing your caricature in dough. 

In two or three weeks you'll have a small army of cookies made in your image (how scary is that?) They'll arrive divided into regiments of six.  Your job, divide them into pairs of bride and groom.