Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nirvana Attained!

All photos and linked recipe courtesy of Colette at My Computer is My Canvas on

These look soooo good right? And hidden inside these chocolate nuggets of goodness is raw chocolate chip cookie dough!  My personal idea of HEAVEN!  I can't take credit for these, but found them while I was looking for a project for my daughter's nursery school class. 

Colette of "My Computer is My Canvas," on has taste tested the best of all the Raw Cookie Dough recipes she could find with her sister, Lisa of Lisa's Recipe Cards (also on Blogspot), and the results are on Collette's blog at

Not only that, she has ingeniously dipped them in chocolate turning them into a treat for the most discriminating of guests!  For your wedding, think of adding some icing flowers in colors to accent you color scheme or make them into cookie dough pops if you are feeling extra crafty! For any bride who is a DIY'r her blog is full of great projects that could be adapted for use in your wedding.  I guess you could say I'm a fan, with a capital 'F'!   Head over to her blog for further ideas for these wonderful melt in mouth wonders and more ideas for your wedding.